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What I need?


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If You are clicking on some of the following links, I earn some money.

This is useful for me. For You?

Let start with me a [non sentimental] virtual journey between some virtual shopping places.

NextCard Visa
    - a $5 ($4.99) bill

    - a [non empty] credit card

    - a "this is to expensive for me" handkerchief

NextCard Visa

What do I want?

- to create a semi-commercial website, to host them somewhere and keep it secure

- to look on the communication infrastructure,learning about wireless

Now, I can begin my journey under the motto:

"an east-European in the highly developed consumer society"

My choice is FreeServers (anything what is not free is too expensive for me), where besides hosting, I find a very friendly assistance ( an online construction wizard,for a dumb like me) and help in my first steps to make money with my freshly created site.

button Links to LinkShare and, entries in affiliate  marketing.
But there are other hosting places, like:

Website.WS, DellHost, Bravanet

Banner 10000001


and now is the moment to try SmartShop, the comparison shopping website, for the first time.


Realizing that I must (unfortunately) learn again, I try to make this as  easy as possible, for example at Sessions.

IQ Banner

Involuntary, I begin to dream:

I see how my small business  growth, also my responsibility for my clients, consequently iOmega to have always a copy, a copy of copy ....


But my, now big, site is subject to many bad effects. I begin the defense.

- against the virus attack, I need McAfee-s help (is somebody without a cracked McAfee viruscan program?)


- the security with ZoneAlarm


- the privacy with ZeroKnowledge

Wake up! Return to the Earth!

button I wish for a big server from Dell, Fujitsu,

Banner 10000010

but I realize that the beginning of my VPN is the phone over the Net, iConnectHere


Dialpad dpuk125x125
Banner 10000008 and at the next step I am at TalkPositive for my first cellular phone,
what I need from time to time; a small, but unsubstitutable battery from iOnthefly. 125x125iOnthefly
Free shipping on all Visors! Useful a visit at Handspring, the handheld computer maker


and again at Fujitsu, for a Notebook.

Banner 10000010

At Sprint I realize how few I know; Sprint PCS, and that the future runs now (everybody WAP),

and finally I am at Inphonic, Virtual Private Wireless Networks!

... Where I say stop, later!!


Imminent, I need soft; cheap, if possibly free, for my hard work in constructing my site.From where?

999central (is not the devil walking on hands!): I find a lot of free soft, 

Tons Of Software Free! Just Pay Shipping!

Software, Movies & More for $9.99!

at ThinkFree web based word processing,

PC Mag - small

at PublishersPipeline any kind of "domestic software"

Banner 10000009

and at InfoRocket the "Talk with me now!" and "Email me now!".

Get Live Expert Advice at InfoRocket: FREE $5 CALL

Live Phone Advice - FREE $5


I hope, I have future as "e-commerce man", and to be permanently up to date, make a subscription at BargainDog, specifying my domains of interests.


I see the future when I search on US Search for my business partners.


Have Fun!